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Carers Week 2017 – 10 Reasons Why Carers Are So Important

Carers Week

Carers Week 2017 takes place on 12 -18 June. The annual campaign aims to raise awareness of carers in the United Kingdom, highlighting the challenges that carers face and the support received by families, professionals, and communities. This year’s main focus is ‘Building Carer Friendly Communities’. Please visit Disabled Living’s blog to read more.

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We Are Proud to be Chosen for the Giving Something Back Campaign 2017

Bladder & Bowel UK | Giving Something Back Campaign

Bladder and Bowel UK are proud to be part of the B. Braun Emerald Prescription Service’s ‘Giving Something Back Campaign 2017’. As part of an ongoing aim to help improve the lives of patients and make a positive impact in our local communities, the B. Braun Emerald Prescription service offer a charitable donation to two […]

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It’s Time to Take Action for World Bedwetting Day 2017

World Bedwetting Day

Tuesday 30 May is World Bedwetting Day, which is held on the last Tuesday of May each year. Healthcare professionals think it’s ‘time to take action’ and ask families to consider sharing their stories if they have been faced by this medical condition. By doing so, they hope to make more people aware that there […]

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Inspirational Story of the Month with Gerry Yeung


For May, we are honoured to focus our Inspirational Story of the Month to the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Kui Man Gerry Yeung OBE. He has been the president of Disabled Living for the last ten years. Please visit Disabled Living’s blog to read the full post.


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World Bedwetting Day 2017

Children's Bed via Pixabay

What is bedwetting? Bedwetting can affect anyone although it is most common in children over the age of 5 years. There are a number of causes including the over-production of urine at night, a problem with the  bladder being able to store the urine and the inability of the child to wake up in response […]

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Bedwetting – It Needn’t Be a Dirty Secret – But It Was for Me!

Bed via pixabay

This week our guest blog has been written by Danny Spiers, Director of Astric Medical, who are a leading UK based bedwetting alarm company. Astric Medical have been in business for 60 years and cured in excess of 100,000 children. Read on for some valuable advice! I wet the bed until the age of 11. […]

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