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Supplier Directory

The Supplier Directory is an online resource which lists a wide range of companies supplying continence products and equipment. In addition, the Directory offers information related to suppliers of equipment and services for disabled children, adults and older people.


National Display

Bladder and Bowel UK have, over many years developed the National Display of Continence Products. This unique resource has a dedicated area within the Equipment Showroom at the Disabled Living Centre in Worsley, Manchester and is available to anybody who would benefit from learning more about the vast array of products which are available to promote, manage and treat incontinence. Please contact the Bladder and Bowel UK helpline to make an appointment 0161 607 8219.

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Research & Development

Bladder and Bowel UK work in partnership with many organisations who are at the forefront of innovation and product design. Our highly specialised team of clinicians and product specialists can link companies and academia with people who use continence products and may be willing to participate in research studies.

Please contact us for more information.

Continence Product Advisor

Bladder and Bowel UK are pleased to work closely with the Continence Product Advisor Team. This website provides advice and guidance on the appropriate selection and use of products for managing incontinence effectively.

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Partners and Supporters