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We Are Proud to be Chosen for the Giving Something Back Campaign 2017

Bladder & Bowel UK | Giving Something Back Campaign

Bladder and Bowel UK are proud to be part of the B. Braun Emerald Prescription Service’s ‘Giving Something Back Campaign 2017’.

As part of an ongoing aim to help improve the lives of patients and make a positive impact in our local communities, the B. Braun Emerald Prescription service offer a charitable donation to two chosen charities each year. Since the campaign started in 2012, they have supported a wide variety of charities and made significant donations to help these organisations carry on the great work they complete on a daily basis.


For 2017, B. Braun have chosen Bladder and Bowel UK for the campaign.

Sarah Marubbi, Product Manager at B. Braun said:

Each year we choose charities that have a link to the work we are doing via the conditions B. Braun products help assist. So this year we are delighted to help Bladder & Bowel UK, who make such a difference to people’s lives.

Emerald‘s main aspire to make people’s lives as convenient as possible. They are able to achieve this by providing you with a personalised and reliable home delivery service. Their deliveries include ostomy and continence products, which are delivered in an unbranded packaging so that they maintain they discreet service.

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Once your prescription has been ordered, Emerald is sure to have your products with you within 48 hours. Their dedicated team over friendly customer service during their hours of 8.30 am and 9.30 am, Monday until Friday.

Here at Bladder and Bowel UK, we aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and we are delighted to be supported by B. Braun Emerald Prescription Services.

Just like many of us, Bladder and Bowel UK, as well as the rest of our Disabled Living team, like to ‘give something back’. We create strong relationships with our community and areas across the whole of the UK. Our Bladder and Bowel UK team are proud to be part of an organisation which supports people with bladder and bowel problems through our service, Bladder and Bowel UK.

Speaking out about bowel problems can be quite uncomfortable for some people to do. However, with our Specialist Nurses and product information staff, we have developed an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to help you. Our helpline (0161 607 8219) is available to patients, healthcare professionals, and to anyone who requires any further information.

To be chosen for the Giving Something Back Campaign 2017 is a wonderful highlight of our year.

Thank you for choosing us.

For more information about B. Braun Emerald there are the following contact methods available:

Patient Line – 0800 163 007

Nurse Line – 0800 526 116





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